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To be against free markets is to be against freedom, choice, prosperity, and service

4. October 2010

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People who say they don’t want free markets, or who say they want to reduce or eliminate competition, are really just people who want to eliminate the virtues of service, freedom, prosperity and choice. Competition is a by-product.  It’s not something desirable in itself – it’s just what happens when other desirable things happen. Competition […]

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Great NFIB Report on how Obamacare Will Affect your Small Business

17. June 2010

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Too much great stuff to try and summarize here.  Just read it.  Full report available at this link (pdf). Also contains information on Cap and Tax and Labor Law changes being pursued. This Administration is BAD NEWS for Small Business.  Get informed by reading the report.  And then please share it with at least 5 […]

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Public Employee Unions are Bad For Your Small Business

7. June 2010

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Public Employee Unions are bad for your local economy, bad for your small business, bad for your regulatory environment, and bad for your tax bill.  Public employees are often good people who want to make a positive impact on the word, but their unions are destructive, and their union involvement is killing America.  Taxpayers are saying […]

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Hysterical Video – UPS vs. FEDEX: Ultimate Whiteboard Remix by Nick Gillespie

11. November 2009

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If you missed our article about the UPS vs FedEx battle going on in Congress (or even if you read it but need a laugh), watch this humorous video starring Nick Gillespie of Reason.  It will get you up to speed.

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UPS’s Union-Backed War on Federal Express is a Danger to Small Businesses

29. October 2009


If you’re a long time reader, you know that we often cite the United States Post Office’s war on USPS and UPS to highlight how Big Government is antithetical to free markets and prosperity. But recently, UPS has declared war on FedEx, in the form of Union-Driven rent seeking and the outcome of the war […]

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