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She Speaks for All of Us – Standing Ovation!

6. August 2011

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To be against free markets is to be against freedom, choice, prosperity, and service

4. October 2010

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People who say they don’t want free markets, or who say they want to reduce or eliminate competition, are really just people who want to eliminate the virtues of service, freedom, prosperity and choice. Competition is a by-product.  It’s not something desirable in itself – it’s just what happens when other desirable things happen. Competition […]

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Big Government is Wrong about Profits and the Profit Motive

27. August 2009


Steven Horwitz recently wrote a lucid and pithy piece for The Freeman called Profit: Not Just a Motive that you must read.  It is particularly timely because Big Government proponents have, as of late, been railing on “for-profit” institutions, attacking the “profit motive” and claiming that profit-seeking leads to delivery of poor service (of all […]

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Keep the faith: The economy WILL eventually improve, but it will be in spite of Big Government intervention

22. July 2009

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The American economy is resilient because the American people are resilient.  Our legal system – despite its flaws – rewards innovation, incentivizes invention, and by and large respects property rights.   Most of us have a freedom-loving nature and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Over the last 230 years our country has seen numerous recessions, several depressions, wars, […]

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Help Coworkers and Employees Understand the Perils of Burdensome Taxation

26. June 2009


“The power to tax is the power to destroy.” – Supreme Court Justice John Marshall, 1819 Most people dislike taxes but see at least some level of tax as inevitable, even necessary.  Surely some of our dislike for taxes is driven by the fact that it’s human nature for us to want to keep more […]

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Be warned – the Administration and Congress are trying to destroy private sector competition for health insurance

25. June 2009

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Watch the video.  The agenda is clear.  Now, what can we as small business owners and employees do about it? The Public Plan Deception – It’s Not About Choice Please subscribe to our RSS feed and our newsletter, and join our Facebook group.

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“We are from the government and we are here to help you.”

23. June 2009


It’s very trendy amongst lovers of central power and big government (especially socialists and communists) to state that capitalistic free market economies cause the need for welfare programs. When we hear this from people, we have to be prepared to respond with logical correction.  This wrongheaded thinking – that centralized state control “cures” welfare whereas […]

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