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George Will Brings the Paddle Down on “Progressivism’s” Backside

11. June 2010

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If you only read on thing this month, make it this article. Liberalism is, at heart, an impossible promise.   A promise that in aggregate the peoples of the world can consume more than they produce, that there is “such thing as a free lunch”.   Its ideal – the welfare state – is just as big […]

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Big Business and Big Government are Symbiotic

21. April 2010

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Big Business always gets bigger when Big Government grows – because Big Government needs Big Business.   Big Business also loves Big Government – its over-regulation kills off smaller competitors.  They are symbiotic.  The “health” of one ensures the “health” of the other. Tim Carney’s book Obamanomics does a great job spelling out how and why. […]

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“Senate Health Bill Would Up Costs for Millions in Middle Class”

11. March 2010

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A non-partisan study finds that ObamaCare will raise taxes on the middle class, a direct violation of his campaign promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less that $250,000 per year. The Senate health care bill crucial to saving President Obama’s signature domestic initiative will hit the wallets of a quarter of all Americans […]

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The Power of Language: How to expose BIG GOVERNMENT with our words

26. August 2009


The Power of Language: How to expose BIG GOVERNMENT with our words

Language is the most powerful tool we have to expose and undermine Big Government.  It is also the most powerful tool Big Government has to crush Small Business. Over the last few weeks Congress and the Administration have been trying to call government takeover of health insurance and health care “competition”.  They have hijacked words […]

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Anatomy of a Trojan Horse: How Big Government Plans to Take Over Private Health Care and What We Can Learn From Arizona To Stop It

12. August 2009


Last week I attended a luncheon with some other small business people to hear the Arizona State Treasurer address Arizona’s private and public economic status.  The Treasurer pulled no punches. The state legislature is deadlocked over the budget and barring either immediate spending cuts or an immediate tax increase the state is 30-60 days away […]

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The Two Biggest, Fattest Lies In The Health Care Reform Debate

24. July 2009


We have argued that* the current health care plan is bad for small business and our country’s economic recovery.  Our future, especially our children’s financial future, in large part hinges on the defeat of the current proposal.  There needs to be health reform, but not this, not socialized care that hurts the US economy.  New […]

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Historical Revisionism Alert! Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

16. July 2009


From Hot Air: New White House spin: Stimulus not designed to … stimulate ABC Reports today that White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said at a briefing Thursday, The $787 billion “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” (AARA) was not designed for full economic recovery, but rather to “stabilize” the downturn.  That’s the word from White House […]

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