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The Marketplace Fairness Act is a Tax Increase and America hates it

19. August 2013

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Proponents of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) say that it’s not a tax increase, but merely a change in who collects an existing tax.  That’s inaccurate.  It is both a change in who collects a tax as well as a tax increase. A few questions for proponents of the MFA. 1. Will the MFA take […]

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Yes, Big Business Is Over-Regulated, But It’s Also “Under”-Accountable and “Under”-Responsible

23. June 2010


The BP Oil Spill prompted brilliant libertarian legal theorist Richard Epstein to remind us that the problem isn’t regulation, it’s government limits on liability (see op-ed at the Wall Street Journal).  Big Business doesn’t mind regulation, as long as it can put caps on it’s liabilities (see “Too Big to Fail” … ) A tough […]

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Small Business is now the “Most Trusted Institute” in America

25. April 2010

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If America is to return to greatness, it will be on the backs of its small businesses.  Not just because we’re the most important job creators in the country, but because we’re also the most trusted group in America. Be proud, small-business owners! You’re now the most trusted group in America. Listen up, federal government! […]

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Big Business and Big Government are Symbiotic

21. April 2010

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Big Business always gets bigger when Big Government grows – because Big Government needs Big Business.   Big Business also loves Big Government – its over-regulation kills off smaller competitors.  They are symbiotic.  The “health” of one ensures the “health” of the other. Tim Carney’s book Obamanomics does a great job spelling out how and why. […]

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