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Small Business Against Big Government (SBABG) is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition of small business owners and employees allied against Big Government.  We take upon ourselves the responsibility to oppose Big Government and inform friends and co-workers about how Big Government hurts them.

Small businesses and those who work for them are the engine of U.S. greatness. We proclaim that as small business owners and employees:

  • we can, do, and will create more jobs, more wealth, and more prosperity than the government can, does, or ever will
  • we are more efficient in our labors, and therefore less wasteful with society’s resources, than the government is
  • we provide more important goods and services in our communities and neighborhoods than the government can or ever will, because we are here and we know and meet the needs of our fellow citizens
  • we can and will educate the people who work for and with us on the benefits of low taxes, small government and personal responsibility
  • we understand that Big Government (1) reduces our earnings and growth and, therefore, (2) reduces our employees’ job security and earning potential
  • we watch out for each other and we don’t need the government to take from others to give to us, nor do we feel that it’s moral for the government to take from us (who are taking on the risk and job creation role in the economy) and give it to others

We invite you to join SBABG today and commence the work of informing others before it is too late.

Our country is in crisis and the policies and decisions of the current Congress and Administration are making the situation much worse, likely for decades to come.

The size and cost of the U.S. Government is quickly ballooning, laying a great burden on productive small businesses.

45% of all income in the United States is paid by small businesses and small businesses have generated up to 80% of all new U.S. jobs over the last 10 years.

Common sense dictates, and history proves, that when you tax an activity more, people will do less of it. And those who still choose to do it take home less pay, have less money to pay employees, and have less money to put back into the economy.

Higher taxes and more regulation on small business means that you will get less small business activity, less pay for small business employees, and less money coming back into our local economies.

Every small business owner and employee in America needs to know and understand the following four facts about the current Administration’s and Congress’s tax plan (source:Americans for Tax Reform):

1. Small businesses pay income taxes at the household level. This means that the Administration’s plan to raise tax rates is a direct tax hike on small businesses—sole proprietorships, partnerships, S-corporations, and family farms.

2. The tax rate on the lion’s share of small business income could reach 54.9 percent under the current Administration and Congress (the individual top rate will climb from 35 percent to 39.6 percent and the Social Security/Medicare tax rate could climb from 2.9 percent to 15.3 percent. Put those together, and you get 54.9 percent) (Source: www.barackobama.com)

3. This 54.9 percent tax rate would be the highest since the Carter Administration, when America suffered through double-digit inflation and unemployment (Source: Congressional Budget Office).

4. America’s 26 million small businesses employers give a paycheck to 42 million employees (Source: Census Bureau). When small business taxes go up, millions of these employees will be at risk of being laid off and those who keep employment will be less likely to see their salaries increase.

Big Government regulations and taxes place a disproportionate burden on small businesses, because these costs cannot be spread over a large organization. This massive increase in Government spending and regulation is disproportionately harming small business owners and employees.

A lot of people who own and work for small businesses voted for the current congress and administration without knowing what they we’re getting themselves into. They are quickly learning, but not quickly enough.

SBABG does not seek to target any one individual, because the problem is much bigger than any one individual. The problem resides in the whole group, the group that makes up Big Government. This is not a Republican vs Democrat or Conservative vs Liberal issue. This is a common-sense vs. massive-stupidity issue.