George Will Brings the Paddle Down on “Progressivism’s” Backside

Fri, Jun 11, 2010

Big Fat Lies, Socialism, Welfare

If you only read on thing this month, make it this article.

Liberalism is, at heart, an impossible promise.   A promise that in aggregate the peoples of the world can consume more than they produce, that there is “such thing as a free lunch”.   Its ideal – the welfare state – is just as big a failure as it’s nasty and brutish father, Communism, and – just like Communism – always ends in tears.  A snippet:

Lacking a limiting principle, progressivism cannot say how big the welfare state should be but must always say that it should be bigger than it currently is. Furthermore, by making a welfare state a fountain of rights requisite for democracy, progressives in effect declare that democratic deliberation about the legitimacy of the welfare state is illegitimate.

“By blackening the skies with crisscrossing dollars,” Voegeli says, the welfare state encourages people “to believe an impossibility: that every household can be a net importer of the wealth redistributed by the government.” But the welfare state’s problem, today becoming vivid, is socialism’s problem, as Margaret Thatcher defined it: Socialist governments “always run out of other people’s money.”

The whole thing is pure gold.  Perfect reading for impressionable co-workers and employees.  Print it out and share it.

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