Public Employee Unions are Bad For Your Small Business

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

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Public Employee Unions are bad for your local economy, bad for your small business, bad for your regulatory environment, and bad for your tax bill.  Public employees are often good people who want to make a positive impact on the word, but their unions are destructive, and their union involvement is killing America.  Taxpayers are saying “enough“.

Public unions’ traditional strength–the ability to finance their members’ rising pay and benefits through tax increases–has become a liability. Although private sector unions always have had to worry that consumers will resist rising prices for their goods, public sector unions have benefited from the fact that taxpayers can’t choose–they are, in effect, “captive consumers.”

At some point, however, voters turn resentful as they sense that: (1) they are underwriting, through their taxes, a level of salary and benefits for government employment that is better than what they and their families have; and (2) government services, from schools to the DMV, are not good enough—not for the citizen individually nor the public generally—to justify the high and escalating cost.

We are at that point.

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