Small Business is now the “Most Trusted Institute” in America

If America is to return to greatness, it will be on the backs of its small businesses.  Not just because we’re the most important job creators in the country, but because we’re also the most trusted group in America.

Be proud, small-business owners! You’re now the most trusted group in America. Listen up, federal government! You’re neglecting small business — and most people think so.

According to the just-released study by the highly respected Pew Research Center, small business is the most trusted institution in America. More than churches. More than colleges. More than technology companies. And certainly more than labor unions or large corporations.

However, that little part of the federal government neglecting us . . . we can take care of ourselves, thanks.  Just stop giving away our money to your corporate cronies, your dirty banksters, your union thugs and your GSEs.  And get out of our way.

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One Response to “Small Business is now the “Most Trusted Institute” in America”

  1. Nick Jones Says:

    Truly Amazing… And why should small business not be the most trusted?? With hypocrits and power hungry leaders in the church we can lno longer trust the concept of a church without commitment….. Banks have made bad choices by wrongly investing the money of the United States citizens… The unions have caused much conflict…..So here we are, Small Business, the power spread throughout the net of small businesses, relying on citizens and vise versa… So Power to Small Business