Big Business and Big Government are Symbiotic

Big Business always gets bigger when Big Government grows – because Big Government needs Big Business.   Big Business also loves Big Government – its over-regulation kills off smaller competitors.  They are symbiotic.  The “health” of one ensures the “health” of the other.

Tim Carney’s book Obamanomics does a great job spelling out how and why. We highly recommend this book to you.  Carney also spoke on a Cato panel about his findings. The video of his speech is at – definitely worth the watch.

If you think that the current Goldman Sachs SEC probe is a sign of Big Government taking on Big Business, then I’ve got some beachfront land in Iowa to sell you.  Goldman will get a “slap on the wrist” (if anything at all, since it looks like the charges are extremely overblown and may be without merit) while – wink wink – the resulting financial regulation encouraged by their public castigation will ensure that the new and onerous compliance costs hurt Goldman’s smaller competitors.

Big Government gets more power, Big Business gets less competition from smaller competitors.

It’s a familiar story.  Watch it unfold, yet again, in the coming months and years.

Read that Carney book.  Free your mind.

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