President Obama – Really bad at math or shameless deceiver? (Probably both)

At his recent health care press conference President Obama told some real whoppers.  Among others, he said that his proposal “would bring down the cost of health care for millions—families, businesses and the federal government” and then added that it was “fully paid for.”  And not only that, but it would bring down the deficit “by up to $1 trillion over the next two decades.”

How can the president claim such things?

Well, he can’t.

That is, not if he knows how to do math (or tell the truth).

The big problem is that all of his claims count 10 years of taxes but only 6 years of spending.

Paul Ryan, in last week’s health care summit, exposed this lie (and others) by doing the math for the president.  He pointed out that the real cost over ten years is $2.3 trillion – and even that is on the “low” side since lots of people will want the “now-free” health care and lots of businesses will drop coverage.

The President claimed that costs are $100 billion per year, but he’s not telling the truth (or can he just not do math?).  The truth is that costs increase each year.  And bringing down the deficit?  No, it won’t.  Deficits are going to be at least $460 billion over the first 10 years.  The ten after that?  $1.4 trillion.

Watch Paul Ryan take the president to Math (and Truth) school.

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One Response to “President Obama – Really bad at math or shameless deceiver? (Probably both)”

  1. Barry Jacobs, M. D. Says:

    Do you want real reform to health care? There are a number of physicians in the House and Senate. I would be willing to bet that if they got together and wrote a bill to reform our health care system, it would work. The problem is that the professional politicians do not want something they cannot control and perhaps get some other gain. In stead of letting the experts in health care write the reform, they want something they can manipulate to their own sssends.