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Praise for a Central Data Base of Medical Records – NOT

19. February 2010


We are being coerced into an electronic medical records system, which the Government will “keep safe” for us and allow access to physicians treating patients.  We are to accept the assertion that the data base will be secure and that our most private medical information will never fall into the wrong hands.  Certainly the ability […]

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Learn from History

16. February 2010

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I am sharing this discussion which was sent to me.  It is a retelling of a history of disaster.  I also remember the warning that whoever does not learn from history is destined to relive it. Read below to the end. Learn what really happened. It can and will unless we vote out the people […]

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What Do WE Value

2. February 2010

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I remember my first car.  It was an old Renault Dauphine.  It was a real piece of junk.  But it was MY piece of junk.  I had worked for it.  I saved the money I earned from my after school job and paid for it myself.  No one bought it for me.  I did the […]

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