America Bashing – Why?

Tue, Jan 19, 2010


Why does the world dislike the United States?  We saved France in World War I.  We saved Europe in World War II.  We rebuilt Europe after WWII.  We rebuilt Japan after WWII.  We saved South Korea and rebuilt it.  We send supplies, rescuers, and money to every natural disaster in the world, even to our enemies like Iran after an earthquake, there.  We were harshly criticized for sending an aircraft carrier to provide hospital facilities to save victims of a tsunami, and now we are chastised for not providing adequate aid to the Haitians.  Actually the United States is providing more aid than any other country and trying to organize distribution.  So why are we being accused of being occupiers?

There may be an explanation why the country that has become the savior of the world draws so much rebuke.  I think it was best expressed by an author I consider the Jonathon Swift of mid twentieth century America – Robert Heinlein.  In one of his satirical novels, he pointed out that it is human nature to resent anyone to whom we are indebted.  Well, the whole world is indebted to the United States.  Yes, we do have our friends and allies, like Britain, but even the British manage to find fault.  OK, we are not always right, but Americans are still the most generous people on the planet.  It would be nice if the rest of the world would cut us a little slack.

Dr. Jacobs is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, practicing in Carrollton, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. He completed his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and remained at that institution to become its first fellow once Baylor achieved accreditation for an advanced training program in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Jacobs has served on the faculty of several medical schools and was director of Reproductive Endocrinology at Texas Tech Health Science Center in Amarillo. Currently, in addition to his clinical activities caring for infertile patients and those with recurrent pregnancy loss, he is Chairman of the IVF committee at Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton.

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Dr. Jacobs is a native Texan, who grew up in Beaumont, 90 miles east of Houston. After graduating from the local college and he attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where he received his degree as a doctor of medicine. He then spent a year in Los Angeles as a surgery intern and returned to Texas to receive specialty training in obstetrics and gynecology. His OB-GYN residency training program was interrupted when he was called to serve his country during the Viet Nam war. While stationed at a pilot training base outside of Lubbock, Texas, he saw several patients each month who complained they were having difficulty becoming pregnant. Recognizing his own poor knowledge in the area of infertility, he assumed he would gain that education when he completed his OB-GYN training. He was mistaken. At the conclusion of his OB-GYN residency, he knew no more about helping infertile couples than he did while in the Air Force. Being dissatisfied with his inadequate abilities in the realm of infertility, he spent 2 more years in a fellowship studying nothing except Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. One year of the fellowship was devoted to basic research of ovarian physiology, during which time, he and his mentor and collaborator were able to make a small but landmark contribution to the scientific and medical literature. After completing his formal training, Dr. Jacobs has spent a number of years both as faculty at various medical schools and in private practice. Even in private practice, he remains an educator. Instead of teaching medical students and OB-GYN residents, he educates his patients as to their problems and treatment options. As part of his efforts to teach others what he knows, he has made his web page,, as informative as he can. He derives a great deal of pleasure working with couples and trying to help them. New information and understanding of human reproduction is progressing rapidly. For that reason, Dr. Jacobs devotes a large amount of time reading the current medical literature and participating in continuing medical education seminars. His desire is to provide the best quality care for infertile patients, while trying to make them feel comfortable with the difficult and stressful processes they must endure in their efforts to become parents. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Jacobs currently serves as chairman of the IVF Committee at Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton, Texas.

4 Responses to “America Bashing – Why?”

  1. Mooji Says:

    Good lord. I was googling for info on the recent vote on healthcare and came across this site.
    Do you honestly not understand why so many people fro different countries dislike America and what it stands for?
    I’m a Brit, and there are times that your country drives me to tears. Here’s a list;
    1. You claim you “saved” Europe from the Nazis. Nope. You sat on your arses for years whilst *millions* of people died, jumped in at the end and then gave Hollywood carte blanche to rewrite history and portray yourselves as the saviours.
    2. Your foreign policy sucks. And that’s coming from an english lass.
    3. Your country has far too many racists that hide behind their freedom of speech rights.
    4. Your treatment of minorities is appalling
    5. Your wealthy citizens have far too much money
    6. The fact you don’t have universal healthcare yet claim to have a christian culture is hyprocritical in the extreme. How much did Christ charge to heal the sick?
    7. Anyone who wants to ensure other people’s rights are recognised are called pinkos and communists
    8. Paris Hilton.

    • White Thunder Says:

      Chip Chip Cheerio my Brit….
      First of all, being a slightly radical conservative, and a practicing Christian I would love to learn of how universal health care has anything to do with Jesus???? He healed people for free but because of his own gain and pleasure that they were better and saved in a much deeper way than physically. And our culture is far from Christian, so you should read up on what you’re talking about before you bash it.
      Second, we were sitting on our arses??? Hah, we supplied the victoring nations in hope that they might be able to handle it with as little loss of ours as possible, we didn’t start the war, yet you expect us to always step in and finish it?? Just because we are stronger and more abled, doesn’t mean we should have to risk the lives of our soldiers.
      Third, racism is a major problem all over the world, because we try to confront it and make it public you insult us? There are many more “English Lass” who are racially discriminating against far more races than that of the american people.
      Fourth coming, Our wealthy earned the money they have, just because Bill Gates is more wealthy than the Brittish Treasury doesn’t mean he has too much money.
      Fifth, Paris Hilton…. You got me on this one…….

  2. Barry Jacobs, M. D. Says:

    I have read the above comment with a degree of amusement. Our British friend either has a poor knowledge of history or is seeing it through an extraordinarily selective lens. We did not enter WW II immediately, and perhaps it was a bit later than would have been optimal. In its early stages, that war was not our fight. If the British and French had honored their committeemen, there might not have been a war, but Chamberlain saw fit to appease and embolden Hitler. At the end of the war, Europe was a total shambles. If not for the Marshall Plan, Europe would not be as strong as it is today.

    I love the comment about minorities. My friends of African, Middle Eastern and Asian ancestry who have lived in Britain tell me they feel less discriminated against because of skin color in the United States than they do in Britain. Britain is amazingly class conscious. Prove it to yourself. Go to London and sop in shirt sleeves. Then return to the same shop wearing a coat and tie. Note the difference in the way you are treated.

    Our callow friend also feels the need to equate socialism with civilization. There is more than adequate evidence that socialism is a failed system which still has its blind adherents. In truth, free health care is not free. Someone has to pay for it. The public is taxed to pay the bill, and the government determines who can have what. By the way, the government clerks take their cut for making the medical decisions they are not educated enough to make.

    Is the United States perfect? Of course not. We have our faults Is there still bigotry in the United States? Yes, it still exists, but it is no longer fashionable. In Britain, it is part of the culture. I do not make that statement as an indictment – only an observation. Before we chastise others, it would be wise to put our own houses in order. I will not judge Britain by the sophomoric comments of Mooji, any more than he should judge the United States by a cookie spoiled brat who happens to live in the United States.

  3. Barry Jacobs, M. D. Says:

    I have had a number of British friends, and have been fortunate enough to visit Britain on 3 occasions. We are truly kindred countries. I do feel that Britain has hurt itself with its class conscious behavior. One of my very good friends left London to come to the U. S. He had no future in Britain. He is Cockney. Today, he chairs a department at Scrips Institute, and has been recognized around the world for his contributions to science since he left London. Having stated that, I think it wrong to judge Britain by Mooji. He has been foolish enough to parade his ignorance. If he is half as intelligent as he seems to think he is, he will study history and current events on both sides of the Atlantic. His perceptions are those of the negative propagandist, and not reality.