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Slavery in America

25. January 2010

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Slavery in the United States was officially abolished by the Emancipation Proclamations of 1862 and 1863.  That does not mean that there are not people still enslaved in our country.  It is not necessarily the kind of slavery that most of us readily identify as such, but a slavery of the spirit.  Our welfare system […]

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America Bashing – Why?

19. January 2010


Why does the world dislike the United States?  We saved France in World War I.  We saved Europe in World War II.  We rebuilt Europe after WWII.  We rebuilt Japan after WWII.  We saved South Korea and rebuilt it.  We send supplies, rescuers, and money to every natural disaster in the world, even to our […]

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We’ve Got to Ensure that the Senate and House Health Bill Reconciliation is Open, Public, Transparent and Televised

6. January 2010


We’ve worked hard to slow down the passage of the Health Economy Takeover, and we must do more. (Scroll down for the URGENT ACTION ITEMS.) US News & World Report is reporting that Democratic Leaders are planning secret health reform deliberations. Despite their claims to the contrary, the way that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and […]

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