Make Pelosi the Face of Big Government, then Tie Her Around the Necks of All Big Government Politicians and Candidates

Thu, Nov 5, 2009

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Nancy Pelosi is toxic and anyone politically tied to her will be hurt by their association in the next round of elections.

Look at this recent chart in the Wall Street Journal.  Only 27% of Americans feel positively about Nancy Pelosi.  That’s pretty remarkable considering that means that only half of Obama voters like her.

[Negative Associations chart]

In 2006 and 2008 Republicans tried to tie Democrats to Nancy Pelosi, but didn’t really work for several reasons.  One, she wasn’t as well known and so wasn’t really the face of Big Government, and, two, the Republican party was also very unpopular (and deservedly so).

But now, as the Speaker of the House presiding over a large majority, she’s the well-known face of Big Government.  She is associated with out of control spending, interventionism, and corruption.

For that reason, anyone, and I mean anyone, who espouses a Big Government agenda needs to have Nancy Pelosi tied around his neck and worn from now until she is no longer the face of Big Government.

The way you do this is by joining her to the other person by showing they (1) support the same agenda and (2) have shared ownership of it.

For example, Lindsey Graham has gone completely squishy on Cap and Trade, proposed legislation which is disastrous for small business and is based on fraudulent science.  If you are in South Carolina, represented by Graham, when you talk with others about these policies you could say, I’m opposed to “Lindsey Graham’s and Nancy Pelosi’s prosperity-destroying Cap and Tax Legislation, and here’s why …”

You could also say, after a vote in which the politician voted with Pelosi, “I can’t believe that is so supportive of Nancy Pelosi on X, Y, and Z issues.”

You need to get these people attached to Nancy Pelosi.  She is now, finally, an electoral millstone.

Write letters to the editor of your local paper that link her to your local politicians.  Blog.  Call into talk shows.  Email your friends.  Just.  Do.  Something.  Anything.  It all adds up.

This goes for Republicans and Democrats.  You’ll notice in the example above that I used the Big Government Republican Lindsay Graham (and, by the way, Graham has said he may support Cap and Trade provided that the Democrats throw some things into the bill that he wants).  Libertarians and Conservatives cannot let a party label next to a name prevent them from calling a spade a spade; to do so is to engage in “situational ethics.”

Big Government Republicans are JUST AS DANGEROUS (maybe more so) than Big Government Democrats, because these Republicans expand government from behind the facade of restraint.  Do NOT hold fire on them.  Go after them especially hard in the primaries.  Make sure they’re sufficiently bloodied.

The recent events in the NY-23 race were a great example of this dynamic at work.  It’s very important that – win or lose – it keeps happening.   The main stream media will try and dissuade such by mocking it (just as they did with the tea parties and town hall protests) and claim that it’s “destructive.”  Keep the following in mind – if it seems like the mainstream media is giving you advice on what they think you should, do the opposite.  They do not have your best interests at heart.  Pay them no heed.  NY-23 was a HUGE victory against Big Government, because it took out a Big Government Republican while simultaneously proving the viability of Small Government candidates.

So, to recap, Nancy Pelosi is toxic to most Americans.  By effectively tying her to a candidate, you stand a good chance of turning that candidate to poison.

Tie away!

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