Global Warming isn’t a disaster – Cap and Trade, however, is.

Tue, Nov 3, 2009

Cap and Trade, Taxation

Next to the government takeover of health care, the greatest policy threat to the U.S. Economy is the Cap and Trade Tax Bill that passed the House of Representatives and is currently schedule for hearing in the Senate.  Aside from the fact that Cap and Tax would be devastating to the economy while not changing the climate situation globally by one iota, the whole premise it is founded on is dubious.

Global warming exists.  So does global cooling.   The British Navy has logs of sea water and air temperatures from all over the world that date over several centuries.  They have documented warming and cooling of both.  Our atmosphere is warmed by sea and land, which are, in turn, warmed by the sun.  For those who remember a little chemistry or physics, water has a very high specific heat, which means it holds its temperature quite well.  The gasses in our atmosphere do not.  The air does not warm the oceans.  It is the other way around.

Is carbon dioxide a “green house gas”?  In very high concentrations, it is.  Those levels would be toxic to all animal life on earth.  Plants on land and in the sea and lakes absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and use it to make additions or replications of themselves.   The process is known as photosynthesis, because it is powered by the sun.

Is there a significant “green house gas” in our atmosphere?  Yes, there is.  It is called water vapor.  Even in its gaseous state, water has a high specific heat.  Convince yourself of this.  Go to the desert or even the plains states.  I lived 4 years in Amarillo, Texas.  Amarillo has about 300 sunny days a year, and very low relative humidity.  That is to say, very little water vapor in the local air.  During the summer, afternoon temperatures can be over 100° F, with a relative humidity of less than 20%.  Within 2 hours after sunset, the air temperature is about 60°.

Why is there such a scare about global warming?  For one thing, we live in a chicken-little society.  People hear isolated facts and make the assumption that the sky is falling.  Is the sea level rising on average?  No, it is not.  Are polar bears really in danger of extinction?  No, they are not.  In fact polar bear populations keep increasing.

Why do we keep hearing of impending disaster if we do not commit acts to reverse it, when current scientific evidence is that there has been no increase in global temperature in 11 years?  Why are there still screams that the polar ice caps are melting, when in reality, they are again expanding?  NASA measurements confirm these facts.  The media keeps beating the same tired drum, but has changed the verse from global warming to climate change.  Is there some profit to be made by this activity?  Of course there is.  It sells copy, and, therefore advertising.  Who else is making money from terrorizing the global public with the false mantra?  Perhaps the highest profile profit of this putative doom is Al Gore.

Al Gore is a co-founder of an organization called Generation Investment Management.  If cap and trade is passed into law, GIM will make billions of dollars as a broker for carbon credits.  Poor Al!  The British High Court, after reviewing his Oscar winning film An Inconvenient Truth, cited several false statements and declared it was not a scientific documentary, but a propaganda film.  If it were to allowed to be shown in British schools, there need be a disclaimer to that effect.  Even some of the film sequences are Hollywood inventions for entertainment as disaster films.

Why is there a repeated cycling of global warming and cooling?  That explanation is still speculative.  The best scientific evidence I can find is that there are “wobbles” in the Earth’s orbit which take it closer and farther from the sun, depending on alignments of other planets in our solar system.  The sun itself goes through cycles of greater and lesser heat generation.  To believe that human activity at this point in our technology and population can truly effect global climate is the height of conceit.

Having expressed my conclusion from what I have read, I still advocate conservation of our natural resources, but let’s do it for the real reasons.  I absolutely agree that we are stewards of our planet, which some have called “Mother Earth”.   Yes, we should respect our Mother Earth, and preserve her beauty for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and so on.  We can do so without creating an economic disaster.

SBABG call to action.  What can be done:

The far left in American is using a contrived and non-existent “crisis” in a blatantly dishonest and cynical grab for power.  As the Wall Street Journal Recently Reported:

“Global” and “warming” are perhaps the two most important words used to justify the approaching governmental control of our economy. In reality, global warming is barely occurring: In the 30 years starting in 1977, warming amounted to 0.32 degree Fahrenheit per decade, and in the next hundred years it is estimated to be about half a degree per decade.

The Senate should immediately stop all activity on Cap and Tax.  Inaction is the only responsible course.  It’s contrary to their Chicken Little natures, but we can make them stop if we pressure them enough. 

Click here to send a free letter to your congressional representative telling them you oppose Cap and Tax.

Stay informed by regularly visiting the Climate Skeptic blog.  If you are in or near the Phoenix, AZ area on November 10th, please attend the Climate Skeptic Presentation on November  (it’s free and being held one day before Al Gore’s big carbon-burning entourage arrives for him to peddle his error-riddled propaganda).

Cap and Tax is devastating to small businesses and the junk science it is premised upon in being increasingly exposed for the sham that it is.

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Dr. Barry Jacobs is a Reproductive Endocrinologist, practicing in Carrollton, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. He completed his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and remained at that institution to become its first fellow once Baylor achieved accreditation for an advanced training program in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Jacobs has served on the faculty of several medical schools and was director of Reproductive Endocrinology at Texas Tech Health Science Center in Amarillo. Currently, in addition to his clinical activities caring for infertile patients and those with recurrent pregnancy loss, he is Chairman of the IVF committee at Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton.

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Dr. Jacobs is a native Texan, who grew up in Beaumont, 90 miles east of Houston. After graduating from the local college and he attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, where he received his degree as a doctor of medicine. He then spent a year in Los Angeles as a surgery intern and returned to Texas to receive specialty training in obstetrics and gynecology. His OB-GYN residency training program was interrupted when he was called to serve his country during the Viet Nam war. While stationed at a pilot training base outside of Lubbock, Texas, he saw several patients each month who complained they were having difficulty becoming pregnant. Recognizing his own poor knowledge in the area of infertility, he assumed he would gain that education when he completed his OB-GYN training. He was mistaken. At the conclusion of his OB-GYN residency, he knew no more about helping infertile couples than he did while in the Air Force. Being dissatisfied with his inadequate abilities in the realm of infertility, he spent 2 more years in a fellowship studying nothing except Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. One year of the fellowship was devoted to basic research of ovarian physiology, during which time, he and his mentor and collaborator were able to make a small but landmark contribution to the scientific and medical literature. After completing his formal training, Dr. Jacobs has spent a number of years both as faculty at various medical schools and in private practice. Even in private practice, he remains an educator. Instead of teaching medical students and OB-GYN residents, he educates his patients as to their problems and treatment options. As part of his efforts to teach others what he knows, he has made his web page,, as informative as he can. He derives a great deal of pleasure working with couples and trying to help them. New information and understanding of human reproduction is progressing rapidly. For that reason, Dr. Jacobs devotes a large amount of time reading the current medical literature and participating in continuing medical education seminars. His desire is to provide the best quality care for infertile patients, while trying to make them feel comfortable with the difficult and stressful processes they must endure in their efforts to become parents. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Jacobs currently serves as chairman of the IVF Committee at Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton, Texas.

9 Responses to “Global Warming isn’t a disaster – Cap and Trade, however, is.”

  1. Tacnet Says:

    + We should be more concerned about Global Warming and Climate Change because Typhoons are getting much stronger and there are greater incidence of Flooding. take for example the recent Typhoon Ketsana which devastated some countries in South East Asia.

  2. Barry Jacobs, M. D. Says:

    Put down your Kool Ade and look at the data from NASA and NOAH. The earth entered another cooling cycle about 10 years ago. There is no credible evidence that human activity causes the warming and cooling cycles that have occurred for the entire time the earth has existed, let alone the current ones.

  3. Barry Jacobs, M. D. Says:

    OK. My bad. I was a bit rushed to get out of the house earlier. I did not mea to type “NOAH”. I menant NOAA -National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

  4. Richard Foster Says:

    The Cap & Trade Bill is an “economic” issue, not a “climate” issue. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the earths climate is changing and that man made pollution is the cause of these changes. Let’s further assume that carbon based emissions are causing the pollution and that we can determine a pollution control Cap for these carbon emissions. The premise that we will be able to Trade these carbon based pollution credits across the diverse pollution sources is absurd!

    For example, under the Cap & Trade Bill, cars will have an pollution control level which will serve as the “Cap & Trade” base for the car makers/owners. If a car’s pollution exceeds the pollution control limit, the car maker/owner will pay a “Cap & Trade” tax. However, if the car’s pollution is below the pollution control limit, the car maker/owner will receive “Cap & Trade” credits. These “Cap & Trade” credits will be negotiable by the car makers to offset the “Cap & Trade” taxes for the car owner.

    Here’s the problem! Determining how the pollution control level of a Chevy compares to the pollution control level of a Ford is fairly easy. However, determining how the pollution control level of a car compares to the pollution control level of a flatuating cow will be a little more tricky. As a result, the trading of “Cap & Trade” credits for cars against the “Cap & Trade” credits for flatuating cows will probably have to be established on the “open market.” Fortunately, the market trading of credits for farmers against car makers will probably be better than the market trading of credits for grandma against the health care providers.

    If all of this sounds confusing, just wait until the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) gets involved with the trading of “Cap & Trade” credits and the legislature starts to set the base pollution control levels for the government owned car companies. To me, I would rather deal with a few more hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in order to avoid the fury of a flatuating cow!

  5. admin Says:

    Much vindication going on now with Cap and Trade and the exposure of the bogus-ness of the climate alarmists now that ClimateGate has occurred. The the cover has been blown on the alarmists, falsifying their data and conspiring to keep legitimate skeptic research out of the journals. The end game is near . . . Whoever released this data to the public should receive the whistle-blower of the century award.

  6. Barry Jacobs, M.D. Says:

    I am a clinician and scientist. Science is the establishment of an hypothesis, then designing a non-biased set of investigations to determine if the hypothesis is correct. Designing studies to prove an hypothesis correct is NOT science. It is a fraud.

  7. Beautiful Girls Gallery Says:

    Global warming is becoming such an obvious problem that someone somewhere other than the US President needs to step up to help drive a massive campaign which aims to reduce Global Warming.

  8. Barry Jacobs, M. D. Says:

    How do you explain the inconvenient fact that the earth has actually been cooling the last 10 years?

  9. White Thunder Says:

    Global warming and global cooling is happening. Can’t be stopped, maybe slightly slowed down, but is inevitable, the effects have not yet begun to show. However, global warming and gloabal cooling will not end the world…SO Who cares?? The modern culture shows more care for irreversable issues, such as global warming, than issues that we can change, such as abortion or racial discrimination. So why all the fuss about gas being put into the air??? When people begin caring more about the people in the world, and the future generations, then we should shift our attention to prolonging the full potential of the disastrous effects of our wastes.