Senate Ready to Ditch Unproven but Sure-to-Fail Health Care Plan for Already-Failed Plan

Wed, Oct 7, 2009

Health Care

These people are insane.  Just.  Insane:

Some influential centrist Democrats in the Senate are warming to a compromise that envisions health-insurance plans run by state governments, and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger added his voice Tuesday to a small group of Republicans expressing support for a Democratic-led overhaul plan.

Government-run health care schemes with most of the same elements now being discussed in the Senate have been proven disasters in Tennessee, Maine and (most of all) Massachusetts, which has been judged a failure by everyone from Reason to the Boston Globe to us.

The pattern is always similar — costs soar, which in turn pushes government to reduce benefits or payments to doctors and hospitals (causing them to skimp on care). These schemes inevitably lead not only to government-rationed care, but the death of medical innovation.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

On those grounds, our Senators are clearly insane.

Time to hit the phones and give them an earful!

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One Response to “Senate Ready to Ditch Unproven but Sure-to-Fail Health Care Plan for Already-Failed Plan”

  1. Rich Says:

    For some unknown reason the insurance companies have been supporting the Health Care Plan proposal. That was until today! Today, Price WaterHouse came up with an independent study, funded by the insurance industry, to determine the true cost effect of the new insurance program on Health Care Insurance costs in future years. Their projection was that the health care insurance costs will skyrocket to families which is needed to pay for the Health Care Program. No taxes will be added!

    No one can argue the facts that the costs for the health care program will increase substantially! The liberals can only attack this study as being funded by the insurance industry. The problem with this argument is that the insurance industry was previously in support of the Health Care Program; and, Price WaterHouse was contracted to develop an “independent study.” This means that Price WaterHouse is putting their name on the report and they are putting their reputation as an independent auditor on the line! To write this study off as a contrived study indicates that the liberals do not understand the CPA concept of “independence” and they do not admit to the political concept of “legislative railroading!”