SBABG’s photos from the HUGE 9.12 “March on Washington” in DC

Sun, Sep 13, 2009


Turnout was huge.  Very inspiring to see that many people together in one place protesting against Big Government.  An SBABG member took some amazing photos on behalf of our group.  You can see them all here.  We met A LOT of small business owners there, and we met a whole lot of others who work for small businesses or who are concerned about how Big Government (and Big Business’ corporate welfare) is hurting small business.  Here are just a few photos to sample from the whole collection:

Check them all out.

The event was very peaceful.  Everyone was almost too polite. Lots of families there, kids, young people, all very courteous and the place was perfectly clean when the rally ended. We never met such a bunch of nice folks in one place before – they flew and drove out from all over the country. The mall was PACKED.

UPDATE: To get an idea about how many people were there.  Watch this time lapse video that captured the 3.5 hour long parade (which was over a mile long of people wall to wall).

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3 Responses to “SBABG’s photos from the HUGE 9.12 “March on Washington” in DC”

  1. Paul Magel Says:

    Great photos of the protests. I know everyone is looking forward to 2010 to begin the process of restoring government and preserving freedoms but please don’t forget that there are two special elections coming up to fill Kennedy’s seat in Mass. and Hillary Clinton’s seat in NY. A big loss for the Dem’s in those elections would send chills up their spines in Washington.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Dave Kasold Says:

    Small Business plays an important role in the fight for Americas survival, and their own. The photos show their allies.
    The people themselves have started hundreds of local, and dozens of national groups with huge numbers.
    The people that wanted to attend the March on DC dwarf the numbers who were actually able to go.
    Small business would be wise to realize that they need to invest in the growth of these organizations, to get involved, and bring good leadership locally to the communities they represent.
    The bigger business has capitulated to an overbearing government, yet smaller business will pay the heaviest price.
    By helping to strengthen these organizations locally, you are building alliances for your own business and multiplying your political clout against big government.
    Sponsorships and advertising with the tea party groups seems like the proverbial no-brainer to me. However it does not seem to be happening?
    Can someone explain it to me?

  3. CED Says:

    The Photos were amazing. One of the CNN people called them a few mean-spirited right-wing extremist. John King showed a sign that said “Bury Obama Care with Kennedy” and called it one of the many distasteful signs. Actually, most of the signs were very creative and not distasteful. And frankly neither was that. These were nice people, tens-of-thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of good people, making their voice heard.

    If you want to see mean spirited extremism go to a liberal rally, or just watch David Letterman. On second thought, don’t watch him. He’s not funny any more.