People want to hear an anti-bailout message

Tue, Jun 9, 2009


Keep that in mind and don’t be afraid to share your anti-bailout sentiments with employees and co-workers.

Here’s the all the proof you need.  Governor Mark Sanford’s anti-bailout TV commercial resonated (off the charts) with people who self-identify as Republicans and Democrats.

Watch the video!

Today Sanford finally agreed to accept bailout funds but plans to use the funds to pay down state debt.  He released the following statement:

The stimulus represents forcing taxpayers of tomorrow to pay for government services of today. No matter how well-intentioned it may be, borrowing from future generations who have no say in the matter is to me wrong and strikes me as being akin to the same taxation without representation that led to the formation of our republic more than two centuries ago.


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2 Responses to “People want to hear an anti-bailout message”

  1. Brad Barbera Says:

    I just had a wonderful teaching moment with my eleven-year-old son, who loves the video game “Roller Coaster Tycoon.” He was telling me how much more he likes the “sandbox” mode than the regular game mode.
    “Why is that?” I asked.
    “Well, in the regular game mode, I can’t build as much as I want. I keep running out of money. In sandbox mode, I can build whatever I want, wherever I want, and it’s more fun.”
    When the federal government bailed out Chrysler a few decades ago, they unwittingly put Big Corporate America and the Big Trade Unions in sandbox mode. Knowing that when you’re big enough, Uncle Sam won’t allow you to fail, you can just build your rollercoasters as big as you want, regardless of how much money you have, and without having to answer to customers.
    The most recent bailout of big banks and big auto makers threatens to eliminate the “real game mode” of our economy all together, if it hasn’t already. The result will be a an economic game that is no longer worth playing.
    I tried to expalin that to my son, and I think he got it. If only someone in Washington did.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the story Brad. Great points. Great teaching moment.